Message from the Owner

   Hi my name is Lori Marick and i am the owner of Pokeidoo Retaial. As a new owner of a retail store I promise to be the best owner I can be. And I guarantee that if you are not satisfied with my products I will refund your money within 2 to 10 business days from the time the product is returned.

   As a business owner I believe that if there is an issue or problem with one of my customer. That it is not the responsibility of my employees to deal with. But my problem and mine alone to deal with. 

   So if you call because you have a problem with the products or are dissatisfied. I promise that I will handle all of your problems.

   Now my store will open on Thursday May 17th or Friday May 18th. June !st my office phone will be active and I will release my number for my business at that time

   My first store that I am releasing is all about Fishing. My second store will be all about Camping. My third will be all about Small Kitchen Appliances and Dishes,ect..ect..

Looking forward to all comments and serving you for a very long time to come.


Lori Marick